IMC produces one of the world’s best, 100% natural, eco-friendly Garnet abrasive grains that are suitable for wide-range applications. The flawless, superior Garnet grains are cost-effective and long-lasting making them a product of choice for clients world over. IMC is the first Indian Garnet export company with an ISO 9001 certification and is the leading manufacturer and exporter in the Garnet industry.

Water Filtration

Garnet is insoluble in nature which makes it an ideal filtering media.


Has larger grain size particle with unique angular crystalline uneven surface which gives IMC's filtering media a high porosity.

The unique rounded edges of IMC's Garnet prolong the nozzle life and reduces breakage of grains which gives a very fast cutting speed and ensures no untimely wear and tear.

The unique shape of the Garnet gives a very long lifecycle to the filtering media.

Environmental Advantage

Garnet comes from the precious stone family which originates from rock and thus doesn't react with any type of chemical or acid even under high pressure or temperature. Furthermore, there is next to none environmental impact as it produces no by-product or waste.

Once the Garnet is disposed back to the Earth, its lifecycle is completed without any environmental impact or material waste as residue.


sg 100, sg 150

Sand Blasting

Almandine Garnet has the structure and hardness of a diamond, thus making Garnet the most suitable medium for blasting and surface preparation.


Oil & Petroleum industry maintenance, refineries, oil wells

For ship-building and repairing shipyards

To build bridges, rail tanks and new buildings

Denim Blasting

Surface preparation


The production of blasting grit has been designed in such a way that only the right proportion of grain size is produced. This effective grain size gives a very high profile and ensures larger coverage blasting. Since the mineral resource has a wide-range of grain size, IMC is able to consistently maintain and supply this effective grain size. IMC is uniquely blessed with a grit range varying from 1.7 mm up to 0.106 mm. IMC's material can be recycled 6 times.

Environmental Advantage

Since Garnet originates from rocks and is used in its natural occurring form, there is no environmental restriction for the disposal of the product. It is free of silica, hence there is no fear of silicosis.

Because of its Almandine family, during the blast there is no dust emission and thus no environmental pollution.

Since it can be recycled 6 times, 1 tonne of Garnet prevents the consumption of 6 tonnes of other hazardous blasting media like copper slag, coal slag and silica sand without additional cost.


sg 100,sg 150,sg 200

sg 300,sg 500,sg 800

Water Jet-Cutting

Water Jet-Cutting is a versatile application used to cut various materials like stainless steel, glass, graded steel, granite, marble, composite metals, plastic, concrete, titanium, etc. The 100% free-flowing of grain and high hardness value makes it the most suited for Water Jet-Cutting.


IMC's natural Garnet was produced by hundreds of years of tidal wave action in the sea bed, giving it a uniquely curved, angular shape making it the most suitable for Water Jet application than any other man-made crushed Garnets.

The unique rounded edges of IMC's Garnet prolong nozzle life and reduce breakage of grains which gives a very fast cutting speed and ensures no untimely wear and tear.

Grain size range has been intentionally made narrow to give faster cutting speed and lesser consumption of abrasive.

An extremely low chloride content of around 25 PPM makes it very safe for cutting the parts because of its non reactiveness.

Environmental Advantage

The low chloride content and lack of hazardous material in the Garnet makes it very safe to handle.

Once the Garnet is disposed back to earth, its lifecycle is completed without any environmental impact or material waste as residue.

The non-reactive and insoluble properties of Garnet make it a very environment-friendly cutting media. Even the water used in this process is recyclable.


sg 500,sg 800,sg 1000

sg 1200

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