Ilmenite is used as feed stock in the production of titanium pigment, titanium sponge and titanium metal. It is also used to produce special application titanium pigment. The titanium pigment thus produced is used in various products like paints, opacifier in plastics, pharmaceuticals, food additives and cosmetics.


IMC's technical know-how and unique plant design enables them in the production of sulphate grade ilmenite and chloride grade ilmenite seperately from the same mine. This in turn increases the final TiO2 recovery.

Due to the low FeO content in IMC's ilmenite, acid consumption is very less.

Ilmenite is low in impurities thus ensuring 100% digestion.

F:T Ratio (ratio of iron to titanium) is low and helps in reducing overall the cost of production.

Environmental Advantage

Low FeO reduces wastage during the process.

Low radioactivity makes the material safe to handle.

Less chrome in the material helps in ensuring user safety.


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