Giving back to nature is the core of IMC ethics. In a world where natural resources are fast depleting, it's our job to ensure that Mother Nature is protected and defended.

IMC is thoroughly environment-conscious and has strong R&D capabilities. Adhering to IMC's core ethics of giving back to nature, our Garnet can be recycled up to 6 times, which in-turn prevents usage of harmful alternatives by 6 folds.

Apart from result-oriented recycling, IMC has also taken adequate measures to maintain an eco-friendly environment. After the extraction the mineral-free sand is returned to the mined-out areas and put under a green canopy by using scientific social afforestation techniques.

A captive nursery has been established to supply saplings of the identified species for social afforestation. We engage only in non-pollutant mineral processing to maintain and preserve ecological balance.


For us success is incomplete if not shared. As a result, we have taken keen interest in local communities by funding schools, organising medical camps that offer regular eye check-ups, polio vaccinations and health awareness programs for women and children.